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Our Story


Who's behind the Brand?

If you’re anything like me you’re probably curious to know who’s behind the Brand?

I'm Shelley, mum to two gorgeous young boys and the founder of A Little Bit Dotty. Throw the husband into the mix and you could say I am definitely outnumbered in our house!

Motherhood is tough isn’t it? There’s no doubt about that in my mind BUT it’s also one of the most rewarding and bringing my boys into the world is by far my best achievement in life. That’s why A Little Bit Dotty was born, to provide flexibility and enable me to be there for all those important school events and key moments in their lives as they’re not little for long are they?!

Why the name?

Sometimes, I wonder if people think I’m describing myself not the business – it’s probably a bit of both to be honest!

A light bulb moment in the bath while doing a crossword and enjoying a little peace and quiet after a crazy day with the boys and the name was born. We all know that having babies and children can drive you “a little bit crazy” but that didn’t sound quite right so it became A Little bit Dotty. Need I say more!

Why these products?

Whether it's your first baby or you are adding to your brood, I know that being a mum can bring a mix of emotions - joy, contentment, frustration, boredom, loneliness, tears and dare I say sometimes terror! 

Mums, babies and little ones all have needs. We need love, nurture, attention, stimulation, laughter, a few minutes peace, relaxation, education, the list goes on.

That’s why the products in the dotty collections have been carefully selected - because they are either fun, practical or just a little bit different. I want them to help mum's make the journey through the wonderful, craziness of motherhood, that little bit easier to navigate! It could be as simple as bringing a smile to your face, a little relaxation before bedtime, a distraction for a little one while you change a nappy or simply ease the discomfort of your babies sore gums when they are in full on teething meltdown!

I know that time is precious and finding that perfect gift to take to a baby shower or to your sisters' when you’re meeting the new family member can be tricky, so I’ve made it simple by bringing lots of fabulous brands together. You could say I’ve already done all of the shopping for you- all you need to do is look around and choose something from one of our collections.

Happy shopping!