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WikiplacesforKids Website and App

It can be exhausting keeping kids entertained can't it?!

What are we doing today? Can we go to a farm? Can we go to a soft play or a park? Can we see our friends? Can we do something exciting?

I know my boys are just as happy running around the woods as they are visiting a park or farm but sometimes I run out of steam and struggle to think of new ideas. That's when I discovered WikiplacesforKids and a whole host of new and fresh ideas that I could tap into locally and when on holiday in Devon & Cornwall.

I've teamed up with WikiplacesforKids founder Susie to introduce you all to this amazing resource you definitely need in your back pocket this summer if you don't already!  Here Susie talks us through how the idea came about, the Wiki app and how you can get involved etc. 

What is WikiplacesforKids?

WikiplacesforKids is the trip advisor for people looking for parent recommended ideas and days out, a short list of the best places to go across the UK, all tried and tested by other parents. You can access these amazing parent recommended ideas via our website, android and iPhone apps!

How did you come up with the idea?

I was on my second maternity leave and while I was also coming to terms with the fact my career was no longer going to be viable if I wanted to be a present mum, I also found myself getting frustrated and underwhelmed with the resources available online for parents who wanted recommendations for great days out and a list of free ideas around the UK.  I thought to myself, parents need something like a trip advisor for kids days out, and so I decided to make a big career change and I built one.

You've recently launched an app, can you tell us how it works?

The app is a handy way to interact with the whole WikiplacesforKids platform, somewhere to find ideas from other families who have actually been with actual kids, all across the country. But most importantly at this weird time, it tells parents which venues and attractions have opened near them, and what safety measures they have in place. 

It’s a space to find out if places are open and closed as a result of Covid19, somewhere to review the places you love and to add places to the map that you want to support and who might be suffering from the lockdown.

What do you love most about WikiplacesforKids?

It's the most exciting project I've ever worked on. I've created a huge community online of parents who love to help and share with other parents. It’s a business that works with family life and has given me amazing opportunities to visit amazing family days out all across the UK. 

How can other parents get involved?

I would love for more parents across the UK to download the app, its available in both Android and iPhone formats, and to become active members of the WIKI community, reviewing and adding places you love to the map that deserve to be found by other parents and who you like to shout about. 

Not only does this support those businesses, but it's also helping to get the UK economy and families back on their feet.

So, what's next for WikiplacesforKids?

We are constantly adding new features to the site, soon you will be able to filter the map by activity, free, indoor, outdoors to make it really useful now that more places have reopened.

And eventually the site will be a source of information for worldwide travellers, giving you, ideas for places to go when you are on holiday as well as when in the UK. We are also about to launch a parents membership for literally £2 a month which will provide access to discounts, classes and resources to support us all on our parenting journey. A hub for family wellbeing and activities.  

You can download the apps and access the website here: 

Or download the APP by searching "WIKIKIDS"

Selfcare and Relaxation

'A Little Bit Dotty' is all about relaxing, pampering, feel good gifts so I thought it would be interesting to ask Susie a few questions on self-care and wellbeing and find out what she does to relax.

What does self-care mean to you?

Allowing myself the time and space to be still or to hear my own thoughts or universal guidance.  

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?

Meditation or yoga. Sometimes fizz with friends.  But more often it's a late bedtime and meditative sleep stuff on audio! 

If you were on a spa day what would be your 'go to' treatment and why?

I love a massage or body wrap. I think I just love having someone touching me. lol! 

You have 15 minutes to yourself with no interruptions, what do you choose to do with that time?

I'd have a cuppa and look at Pinterest for home decor Ideas! 

Treat the feet or treat the hands?

Feet. I've bitten my nails my whole life and can't bare to look at them. 

Our 'Kitchen is for Dancing' hand soap is a firm favourite. What tune would you choose for your Kitchen Disco?

Shut up and dance with me! Orrrr. The dog days are over!!! 

Bath or Shower?


What kept you sane (or not!) during lockdown?  

Faith! For one thing. But also distanced chats with friends and my wiki mama network of girlfriends and mums in biz. 

You can take one luxury item with you to a desert island, what would you choose and why? 

A gorgeous sarong of sorts. Double up as a hammock, cover up, sun shade! Sounds sensible right?

If you were to pick one product from the Dotty collections what would you choose and why?

I'm a spacemasks girl - all the way!! 😍😍

A big thank you to Suzie for sharing her fabulous resource. 

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