Spotlight on the Brand - Hayley & Lucas @ Alphabet Bags


Fun slogan tote bags, tees and baby vests.


Who's behind the brand?

Alphabet Bags is a family run accessories brand, founded in 2008 by the two of us (Hayley and Lucas Lepola). Alphabet Bags was born in our spare room in East Dulwich as a result of our shared love of typography, the alphabet and simple totes.

From our studio in Saffron Walden we design accessories and clothing with an emphasis on the simple, bold and cheerful. Our children, June (5) and Otis (2), love spending time in the office being our little "helpers".

What we love about the brand?

Parenting is tough. There is no doubt about that.

So with that in mind, when we came across Alphabet Bags ‘No Rest for the With Kid’ tote bag we knew we wanted to stock it. I mean, anyone with kids knows all too well how true this is!!

Alphabet Bags slogan bags and t-shirts are fun, simple and genuinely bring a smile to my face and I’m sure they will to yours.


‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about gifts for mums, babies and little ones so we thought it would be interesting if we asked Lucas & Hayley a few parent related questions.

What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?
Every tricky stage is just a phase, things change so fast. The tough times are going to pass so try not to get bogged down too much by them. 
What do you miss most about life before children?
We don't miss anything too desperately. Probably the simple act of being able to leave the house quickly, and without having to take so much stuff with you every time that you do go anywhere. I imagine this is felt by most parents!
What do you love most about being a parent?
Little moments. Something funny or cute that is said out of nowhere. Watching them learn something new. Talking about their day when they should be going to sleep. All of the little things and mini milestones.
What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent?
Taking a deep breath and stepping back from a stressful situation. Trying (and often failing) to be the best example of the person you want your kids to be.

What's the most embarrassing thing your child has said or done in public?
"Daddy, is that your silly willy?" - In a public toilet on a day out. Luckily it wasn't very busy.

A big thank you to Lucas & Hayley for taking part in Spotlight on the Brand.

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