Spotlight on the Brand Features

What is Spotlight on the Brand?

Well, it’s in the name really – it’s a close up look at the brands that make up the Dotty Collections and the driving force behind them ‘aka’ the people. It’s not a new idea as I’ve featured brands before but it’s a new twist. I don’t know about you but I’m a bit nosy and I like to know about the person behind the brand!

You will get a further insight into the brand, learning how they got started & why and the driving force behind it that keeps the owners powering through the highs and lows and challenges that come with running a small business or any business for that matter!

You will also discover what I LOVE about the brand and their products and ultimately what led me to want to become a stockist.

To kick start these features it seems only fair to start with ‘ME’

Who’s Behind the Brand?

Hello, I'm Shelley, mum to two gorgeous young boys and the founder of A Little Bit Dotty. Throw the husband into the mix and you could say I am definitely outnumbered in our house!

A Little Bit Dotty is an online gift store full of amazing independent brands, carefully selected because their products are relaxing, pampering, wellbeing and feel good gifts to make you smile!

What I Love about the Brand?

Obviously I love my brand BUT what do you love about it? These are just some of the lovely things you’ve said……

“Everything arrived beautifully wrapped. So happy with my order I will definitely be ordering again - thank you xx”

“Wonderful Quality Products. Will definitely order again”

“Quick speedy efficient service with that extra personal touch. Fantastic company with lots of great ideas. These eye masks are a god send if you’re struggling to sleep. I’ve had a few bits now from A Little Bit Dotty and they have all been amazing. Thank you”

“Loved this! - Amazing salts that melt into your bath, so relaxing, smelled incredible and left my skin super soft!”

"Absolutely LOVE these. You only need one bath melt in a bath they smell heavenly and very moisturising too. Would definitely buy these again 5 stars"

Selfcare and Relaxation

‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about relaxing, pampering, feel good gifts so I will be asking the brands a few questions on self-care and wellbeing and finding out what they do to relax. So here are my answers.

What does self-care mean to you?
It’s about the little things. Taking time out to breathe and reset even if only for a moment. Whether it’s a walk in the fresh air, drinking gallons of water or sitting on your bum drinking a cuppa whilst flicking through your favourite magazine. Just 15 minutes of selfcare really can make a difference to your mindset!

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?
Sit on the sofa with a glass of wine and watch a romcom!

If you were on a spa day what would be your 'go to' treatment and why?
Gosh I can’t remember the last spa day I went on! It would be a close call between massage and facial but I would have to say massage as I’ve not managed to train my husband in the art just yet and the boys just slap my back!

You have 15 minutes to yourself with no interruptions, what do you choose to do with that time?
Go and lie on the bed and shut the door!

Treat the feet or treat the hands?

Hmmmmm….I wouldn’t say no to a manicure but I have to say I find a pedicure much more relaxing and something I am less likely to do myself!

Our 'Kitchen is for Dancing' hand soap is a firm favourite. What tune would you choose for your Kitchen Disco?
It’s hard to pick just one isn’t it?! I’m a bit of a 70’s girl at heart so I would go old school and throw some shapes to “I’m in the mood for Dancing” by the Nolan Sisters.

Bath or Shower?

I like both but if I had to choose one I would say I LOVE a really hot bath. Throw in some bubbles or bath salts, a good book or crossword and a cheeky glass of vino. Now that’s a relaxing bit of me time! I just really need to buy myself a stylish bath board.

What kept you sane (or not!) during lockdown?
Wine and lots of it!! Ha Ha…….

You can take one luxury item with you to a desert island, what would you chose and why?
Sometimes I think being on a desert island would be AMAZING as I would actually get a bit of peace and quiet but then I’m sure I would get bored with only a coconut tree to talk to! The luxury item I would choose to take is sun cream -  nothing fun about being sunburnt and looking like a lobster is there?!

If you were to pick one product from the Dotty collections (not your own) what would you choose and why?
Well technically none of the products are mine as I’m not the maker so I think I am allowed to choose?! Obviously I love all of my products otherwise they wouldn’t be in the collections but if I was to choose the most relaxing, it would definitely be the self-heating Spacemasks which are a must have in my bedside drawer!

Hope you enjoy finding out more about the fabulous brands in the Dotty Collections!