Spotlight on the Brand - Emma @ Hold


Beautifully designed jewellery aids for breastfeeding and bottle feeding mum.

Who's behind the brand?
Mum of 2 girls; Nelly & Mabel, Wife to Bob, Yoga and Starbucks enthusiast, Lover of wine, gift finder, perfectionist, stationery lover and known as "the organised one".
In 2018 when breastfeeding my youngest I found myself forgetting which side to feed from next. After searching online for a breastfeeding aid I couldn't find anything like my idea, so I designed a simple, visual feeding prompt to share with other mums.
I wanted to create the perfect gift; A sentimental keepsake with all the personal touches to be shared during such an emotional, whirlwind moment in a new mum's life.
My jewellery is made extra special by the fact I bottle fed my first born, so designing a collection to celebrate both choices was
important to me and very close to my heart.
What we love about the brand?
Last year, Emma approached us with her brand story and we instantly knew it was a perfect fit for Dotty. A unique concept, beautiful jewellery to celebrate the breastfeeding and bottle-fed baby and a memorable keepsake gift for mum ~ of course we wanted to be a stockist!
There are so many things a mum has to think about when breastfeeding ~ position, timing, comfort, winding just to name a few and when you're up all night and exhausted and feel like your eye balls are about to burst it can be tricky remembering which breast you should be feeding from this time! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Yes, you could use the hair tie method as I am sure many do but we think you should treat yourself to something a little more special such as a reminder ring because motherhood is exhausting and you deserve it!
Both my babies were bottle fed so it’s important to me that Emma has also designed a range of stylish bracelets to celebrate both choices a mum makes when it comes to feeding her babies.
‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about gifts for mums, babies and little ones so we thought it would be interesting if we asked Emma a few parent related questions.
What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?
Trust your maternal instinct and remember that taking care of yourself is just as important as looking after your new bundle of joy!
What do you miss most about life before children?
Date nights; most started with a few drinks but quickly escalated... ending with shots, Jägerbombs or a "Nightcap"! Followed by the blissful weekend lie-ins.
What do you love most about being a parent?
Seeing the girls bond grow each day; watching how kind and loving they are to each other. The things you learn about yourself; having bucket loads of patience, mastering the art of distraction, not to mention the love you feel for something so little!
What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent?
Second guessing every decision you make; what you say and how you say it, when to say 'yes' and when to say 'no'. Trying my best to make every moment and memory count!
What's the most embarrassing thing your child has said or done in public?
Nelly has started saying "oh bloomin sake" when something isn't going to plan - I'm not sure where it's come from but I always want to hide when she says it!
A big thank you to Emma for taking part in Spotlight on the Brand.
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