Spotlight on the Brand - Corinne @ Corinne Taylor

Aromatherapy products

Who’s behind the Brand?

Hello, my name is Corinne and I am the founder and managing director of our independent Brighton based company. I run the business alongside my partner Dan and our small team, who help make and ship out your products. We create highly effective, 100% natural aromatherapy products made in small batches, including skincare, home fragrance, bath and hair products.

I first qualified as a Holistic Therapist back in 2010, and began practicing Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage Therapy treatments. I was amazed to learn the incredible benefits of essential oils, both through my studies and the first-hand experience I gained whilst working with clients, and seeing the amazing benefits they received from their Aromatherapy treatments.

It was this that inspired me to create our range of aromatherapy products, so people could experience the benefits of essential oils on a daily basis. Through my research and development, I also began to realise the majority of skin care and home fragrance products available on the high street are full of harmful chemicals and toxins, as well as containing unsustainable and unethical ingredients.

With all this in mind, my aim was to create truly natural, plant based products designed to not only smell beautiful but to have a specific therapeutic purpose. They had to be kind to both us and the planet. Using only ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients has been paramount to us since the beginning of our journey and is something that we will never compromise on.

What I Love about the Brand?

Who doesn’t love a bath?!

Ok, well not everyone but I am a BIG fan as I find them really relaxing and a heavenly bit of ‘ME’ time so I knew the bath salts and melts from the Corinne Taylor collection that I had personally tried and tested (having come across the brand on social media) were a product that I wanted to stock in the collections.

There are lots of health benefits to having a hot bath and I came across an article recently where they outlined these. A couple of them caught my eye in particular:-

  • It helps improve sleep – something we all need but often don’t get much of when we have young children or due to busy work schedules.
  • It relieves cold and flu symptoms – mums don’t have time to be ill so this is a bonus.
  • It improves mood / decreases anxiety - scientific studies have found that taking regular baths at the end of the day improves mood and optimism levels. It helps release some of that daily anxiety and makes us feel better physically which in turn makes us feel better mentally.

I love the simple but elegant packaging, the natural ingredients and the beautiful aromas. You should smell my stock cupboard - it’s divine!

I also love that the brand gives back to the environment. For every product sold to a consumer or stockist, a tree is planted to help combat the issue of deforestation.

Corinne Taylor offer a range of aromatherapy products and whilst I currently only stock bath salts and melts, I plan to expand the range in the not too distant future!

Corinne Taylor are a lovely addition to the Dotty collections.

Selfcare and Relaxation

‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about relaxing, pampering, feel good gifts so I thought it would be interesting to ask Corinne a few questions on self-care and well-being and find out what she does to relax.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self Care means taking time every day just for me. Whether it's having a long bath, taking a break from work to do some stretches or have a walk in the sunshine, or just reading for half an hour before bed. All of these little moments make the world of difference to my well-being, especially being so busy running my business.

What do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?

In the Spring / Summer I love taking a walk outdoors or spending time in the garden, nature always relaxes me. In the Autumn / Winter I love to have lots of aromatherapy baths, or relaxing in front of the fire with a good book or film!

If you were on a spa day what would be your 'go to' treatment and why?

Definitely a Deep Tissue Massage, to work away all the stress and tension that I hold in my back and shoulders.

You have 15 minutes to yourself with no interruptions, what do you choose to do with that time?

I love to do some meditation or journaling when I get the chance.

Treat the feet or treat the hands?


Our 'Kitchen is for Dancing' hand soap is a firm favourite. What tune would you choose for your Kitchen Disco?

Anything 80's!

Bath or Shower?

Both! I shower every day but love baths for winding down and relaxing.

What kept you sane (or not!) during lockdown?

Keeping busy with work and long walks in nature.

You can take one luxury item with you to a desert island, what would you choose and why?

My pillow! I bring it with me anytime I stay somewhere overnight, I can't sleep without it!

If you were to pick one product from the Dotty collections (not your own) what would you choose and why?

I love the look of The Positive Planner as personal development is something that is really important to me. I also like to stay organised!

A big thank you to Corinne for taking part in Spotlight on the Brand.

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