Spotlight on the Brand - Christina @ This Mama Does

Baby Milestone Cards with a fun twist!


Who's behind the brand?

With a background working in film and television I've spent the last 15 years helping people tell stories in one way or another - but when I became a mother, I felt rather lost and invisible. I wanted a way to tell a story of motherhood that was honest, funny and cut through the perfection often portrayed by society and the media. A chance to laugh with other parents in the solidarity of sleepless nights and shitmageddons. Because the kids might be all kinds of wonderful, but the parents doing all the snot-wiping and tantrum negotiating on 3 hours of sleep and 4 cups of coffee are pretty fab too!

What do we love about This Mama Does?

We are so thrilled to include This Mama Does as part of our ‘Dotty collection’.

We first came across This Mama Does in the Summer of 2018 when scrolling through Instagram (as you do!).

Not only are her squares bright and colourful, funny, real, and honest, Christina has produced these absolutely brilliant baby milestone cards. A different take on the traditional kind. There’s no mention of a first tooth or first step. Those first few days, weeks and months of parenting are TOUGH. You might drink more coffee to keep the eyelids open, drink copious amounts of Gin or be up all night or wonder where your ‘me time’ went.

These cards keep parenting real and help you navigate through those early milestones with a smile and a laugh.

If you don’t already follow This Mama Does on Instagram we highly recommend you do.


‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about gifts for babies and family so we thought it would be interesting if we asked Christina a few parent related questions.

What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?
I think it would have been the same as it is now - all you can do is all you can do. If you're doing your best, with whatever the circumstances and resources you have, then what else is there?

What do you miss most about life before children?
Spontaneity! I miss the random epic nights in the pub, and the last minute holidays and weekends away.

What do you love most about being a parent?
I made people, that still blows my mind. And when they are being kind, or funny, or smart, to think I had a part in that, it's the best feeling ever.

What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent?
The lack of sleep. I've always been someone who needs a lot of sleep and now I have a child who gets up at 5am every day, and one who refuses to sleep anywhere but in our bed with us. And then being exhausted makes everything else harder too!

What's the most embarrassing thing your child has said or done in public?
What is it about kids trying to open the door when you're on the loo in a public toilet?! Mine are the masters of trying to show the world my fanny!

A big thank you to Christina for taking part in 'Spotlight on the Brand'.

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