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Spotlight on the Brand - Akin @ Baby Mori

Organic baby clothes and essentials made from natural bamboo and organic cotton.


Who’s behind Baby Mori?

MORI is a luxury baby clothing brand, that grew from a passion to create the softest and safest baby essentials, that were sustainably sourced. As a devoted Uncle, CEO and Founder Akin noticed there was a gap in the market for an innovative and online-first baby brand that had the highest quality and was beautiful enough to gift. Founded in 2015, the brand today boasts nearly 20,000 customers in over 50 countries. MORI believe in providing families with quality and innovative clothing, to encourage and help babies sleep comfortably and better. Akin and his dedicated team have built an incredible brand, with very strong customer engagement.

What do we love about Baby Mori?

We had been familiar with the Baby Mori brand for some time, so we were really excited when we learned that they would be exhibiting at Bubble London in January this year (2018), as it would be an opportunity to see and touch their products first hand.

The Baby Mori products we have chosen to feature on ‘a little bit dotty’ are what we consider to be necessities for example, muslins, bath towels, blankets and sleepsuits.

However, what sets them apart for us is the fact that they are all so beautifully made with great attention to detail and incredibly soft too - what’s not to love!!


‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about gifts for babies and family so we thought it would be interesting if we asked a few parent related questions.

As Akin has yet to become a parent, answering the questions today is me, Zoë! I look after Social Media and Content at MORI, so I get to spend my days creating dreamy feeds of beautiful children and writing about everything from the softest sleepsuits to the best positions to sleep in during pregnancy.
What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?
- To remember that everything comes gradually. There is no perfect way to be a mother, and no perfect way to bring up a child. After reading so much about being a mother, sleep, breastfeeding etc I thought it would come quickly and easily, but that's so far from the truth! Small steps make the biggest impact.
What do you miss most about life before children?
- I would have to say being completely independent. I've always been quite a wild and free spirit at heart and love being able to do what I want, without anyone having any say over that. Growing up I was always little rebellious, which I continued into adulthood (obviously not in my work life...). Having a baby means that someone is always depending on me and requires my attention most of the time for them to function. There are some days when I wake up and wish I could just go for a long run, pamper myself at the salon and end the day with a glass of wine without having any responsibilities.
What do you love most about being a parent?
- The unconditional love that comes almost instantly from your baby. It's like nothing I've experienced before! The first moment you hold them and they look at you, you can already tell that they've just fallen in love with you. I remember seeing a video on Facebook of a baby staring lovingly at his mum and it's that look of pure adoration that makes you feel like a superhero once you have a child. Also hearing them giggle - it makes every day better.
What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent?
- Finding time for yourself and remembering you're not only a mother. It seems that once you have a child, everyone seems to see you as this baby-making machine that only bottle feeds (or breastfeeds), cleans poonamis and has sleepless nights - but I'm still so much more than that. Even though I've had a child, it doesn't mean I've lost my identity as a woman. Luckily I have some really strong and amazing friends (who are also mothers) in my life, and we empower each other to remember we are mothers, but also many, many other things too.
What's the most embarrassing thing your child has said or done in public?
- Luca fortunately doesn't speak just yet - I'm waiting for all those embarrassing moments to come... He has however, made the loudest farting noises while in his sling on the tube. It was one of those moments when I wanted to scream "That was him and not me!" but I just held my head high and pinched my nose.
A big thank you to the Baby Mori team for taking part in ‘Spotlight on the Brand’.
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