Spotlight on the Brand - Rebecca @ BooChew


A colourful collection of teething necklaces, bangles and teething toys for mum and little one to enjoy.


Who's behind Boo Chew?
Boo Chew was actually founded in 2015 by an old Uni friend of mine. When my son started teething, I discovered her necklaces and thought they were a genius idea, I had never seen anything like it. Then in early 2016 I had the opportunity to take over the reigns of Boo Chew and snapped up the opportunity as I just loved the concept - as someone who was obsessed with chunky jewellery pre-children, it was so nice to wear jewellery again that looked nice and was safe for my child. My son was also around eight months then, and I was craving a creative outlet, something that I did for myself and Boo Chew definitely satisfied that.
From then, I changed the brand's positioning slightly and ensured that the colours we used were on-trend, straight off the runway inspired colours, as at the time, no-one else was doing that. It was important for me to create necklaces that I thought were trendy and stylish, not a million miles away from a normal necklace as I knew that's what I wanted, and I knew other parents wanted the same. They didn't want their jewellery to look like toys!
In the past year we've diversified into teething toys, which I love designing and making, and have become extremely popular.
Running Boo Chew has been great as it means that I can work flexibly around my son. It's not without its challenges, but it means that I can prioritise my family more than I could in my old office job and that is so important to me.
What do we love about Boo Chew?
Teething jewellery is so popular right now not to mention a brilliant idea!
It’s all too easy to lose yourself in those early days of Motherhood. You’re so focussed on your new bundle of joy, trying to get everything right that you forget about YOU.
As a mum have you ever felt that you have lost your sense of style, unable to wear your jewellery for fear of it being broken by tiny hands pulling and tugging at you? I know I have.
We knew we wanted teething jewellery to be part of our For Mum collection so when Rebecca approached us to be a stockist not only were we flattered but we loved her designs and enthusiasm. Boo Chew necklaces are stylish, colourful and on trend.
Teething necklaces not only jazz up an outfit but they are a great distraction for little hands to play with while breastfeeding or even just having a coffee with friends, as well as soft and safe for babies to chew on while teething.
It’s a win-win for mum and baby!
‘A Little Bit Dotty’ is all about gifts for babies and family so we thought it would be interesting if we asked Rebecca a few parent related questions. This is what she said.
What parenting tip would you have given your pre-child self?
To not try and control every situation, and just go with the flow. I had no clue what to do with a baby, so when I read a book on parenting a baby when I was pregnant, I took that book as gospel, and was way too rigid in trying to get my son into a routine from day dot.
What do you miss most about life before children?
The freedom to be spontaneous. Everything is more planned now, especially when it comes to time away from our son.
What do you love most about being a parent?
It's not a secret that I've found becoming a parent a real learning curve. But when my son just comes out with 'I love you Mummy', that just totally melts my heart. So I suppose it's the little things that they say or do, or that look that they give you that fills you up with joy and pride, more than you've ever felt before.
What would you say is the hardest part about being a parent?
I think this changes with whatever stage you are at in your parenting journey. If you are a new parent, it's the sleep deprivation and dealing with the crying. Right now, I'm a mother to a threenager, so I'm currently finding it hard to remember that I'm the parent and to keep my cool when he's having a tantrum over some inane thing. But I keep telling myself that everything is a phase!
What's the most embarrassing thing your child has said or done in public?
You know what, I have no idea. And that's probably not because he hasn't done something, I just can't remember. Baby brain is definitely a thing, and it sticks with you forever I'm sure of it. Something that my son does regularly is touch my breasts and say 'boobies', even tries to give people a little flash, so I suppose that?!
A big thank you to Rebecca at BooChew for taking part in ‘Spotlight on the Brand’.
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