The self-care journey starts here.....

This past year living through a pandemic has been such an emotional rollercoaster. It’s taught us all many things – resilience, strength, gratitude, the importance of family and  friends to name a few. It’s allowed many of us to re-evaluate what’s really important in our lives and take steps to make changes for the better.

I was exhausted when the boys returned to school in March after home schooling and for the first week my body just flopped from the mental and emotional exhaustion. I realised that I just wasn’t taking any time to do anything for me and give myself a bit of a break as I had been so focused on just getting through the day!

I’m also not getting any younger at the ripe old age of 45yrs (ha, ha) and I know that I need to look after myself better so I have started to implement my own self-care journey. It’s not anything out of the ordinary but it is the starting block for me.

These are just a few of the things that I am trying to do but without giving myself a hard time if I don’t achieve them every day. It takes time to build a routine from scratch.

  • Water - I am drinking more water in a bid to consume the recommended amount per day which is approx. 2 litres. I’ve tried filling a jug of water and topping up my glass but for some reason it’s never worked that well but my new bottle which has hourly markers on the sides is a great visual aid to consuming more water and is definitely doing the trick, although, just the sight of it sometimes can make me feel like I need a wee!
  • Caffeine – I LOVE tea, always have and always will ever since my mum told me at a young age “you will like tea, it’s a sociable drink!” I know I drink too much and it can make you feel fatigued and affect your mood. So I’m trying to limit my consumption and also switch to decaf.
  • Exercise – since having my boys I’ve fallen off the wagon massively when it comes to exercise. It’s not that I don’t like it, I’ve just got out of the habit. So I’ve taken up running and bought myself a skipping rope!
  • Skincare – for someone that has always been more prone to sensitive skin (eczema and acne on my face) I’ve never been one to have a particular skincare regime, which is daft isn’t it?! So, I have finally invested in a proper cleanser which my skin likes and bamboo face cloths.
  • Bath time - I take a bath at least once a week. Don't panic I do shower every day too! I have always loved baths and I recently discovered that there are so many health benefits to a hot bath. A bath with relaxing bubbles or salts.  It’s the one time I really can relax with a magazine, book or crossword and the occasional glass of wine!

It is so important to take ‘time out’ when the opportunity presents itself, so you can recharge your batteries – I’ve noticed that even just 15 minutes can make a huge difference to how I feel!

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