Hosting a baby shower in the midst of a pandemic


Author - A Little Bit Dotty

Our friends in America have been hosting Baby Showers for years and the idea has slowly been rippling across the pond and is now becoming more and more popular.

‘A social occasion where loved ones, family and friends get to spend time generally with the mum-to-be or expectant parents, imparting supportive wishes and advice and bearing gifts for the baby or new parents’ – Definition from the Urban Dictionary.

‘A social gathering full of fun and laughter where friends and family can share stories of the good, the bad and the ugly! An opportunity to just enjoy quality time together gossiping and catching up without disruptions from our menfolk or little ankle biters constantly informing us they are hungry, demanding to go home or requiring a nappy change!’ – Definition from A Little Bit Dotty

Now that we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, so many events have had to be cancelled which is incredibly disappointing and upsetting BUT there is no reason why your baby shower can’t still go ahead virtually, is there? Well we don’t see why anyone should have to miss out!

Here are a few ideas of how you can do it and still have lots of fun.

Whilst you may now be able to have a few people gather in your back garden socially distanced, it’s likely that you won’t be able to host all your nearest and dearest. An online virtual baby shower via Zoom or any other meeting platform is probably the way to go.

Setting aside some time to chat as all the guests log on is a great idea but we’ve probably all experienced more then 5 or 6 people at a time is tricky as you start to talk over each other so why not centre the baby shower around some games.

Games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you have friends attending your baby shower from all walks of life then a game or two can help break the ice! All of these games can be played virtually and still be lots of fun.

My Waters Have Broken! - the night before the baby shower, each guest will be required to make up an ice cube with a tiny plastic baby in the centre of it.  When all the guests have arrived they each have to fill a cup of water and add their ice cube. As the ice melts, the baby will be revealed.

The first guest to melt their ice cube and reveal the baby shouts ‘My Waters Have Broken’ and will be announced the winner!

As the drinks flow your guests will be anxiously awaiting their new arrival providing much hilarity and amusement!

This game is simple, the plastic babies can be purchased online and the babies can be posted out to the guests before the shower with any other bits and pieces they may need.

The Price is Right? - I think it’s fair to say that there probably aren’t many people that haven’t taken part in a Zoom quiz or two recently, so why not include this as one of the games.

One guest can prepare a list of questions about baby products and their prices and each guest has to guess the correct price. This could be things like:

  • the cheapest shop to buy something
  • how many wipes are there in a packet
  • is a tube of Sudocrem cheaper or more expensive then a box of bra pads?

Who’s who? - each guest is asked to provide the host with a photo of themselves as a baby (post it or send electronic) and then each one can be held up to the screen or if electronic they could be shared on the screen as a slideshow.

This game is not a new concept as people have been guessing who’s in the picture, what year is it etc at parties for years but it’s simple, it doesn’t take much to organise it and it’s free – besides, who doesn’t love a giggle or an ‘oohh’ and ‘ahhh’ over a cute baby picture?!

Designer Bib? - when you’re having a baby the idea of weaning seems far into the future but the transition from milk to puree and then solids comes around quick. For those of us that have been through it once or twice, we know all too well it can be a messy affair as food is flung further than you ever imagined, clothes are soiled and faces turn orange (why is baby food always orange?!). You should never underestimate how many bibs you might need!

Your guests can “design” their own custom made bibs for you and the baby. Post them a plain bib before the shower and then they can get creative and present their masterpieces on the day. Everyone could then vote for their favourite design.

Guests can then post the “designer” bibs to the mum-to-be as a fun reminder of the baby shower plus it’s a practical present too!

What about the gifts? - it’s not just about gifts but it is exciting opening up lots of gorgeous, fun, cute gifts for the baby and maybe a gift for you. Of course opening in front of guests is much more fun but all the guests can post their gifts to the mum-to-be before the shower with a strictly “no peaking policy”. This way mum-to-be gets to open all the thoughtful gifts and guests still get to see the joy on her face.

What about the decorations? - just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean you should forfeit the decorations. Pick a corner of your house, blow up balloons, hang up some decorations and get in the party mood!

What about the dress code? - guests should still dress up for the occasion. Yes, I know you can only see people from the waist up via Zoom but that’s no excuse. This is still a celebration after all!

If you are having a baby shower soon we hope these ideas have helped and that you have lots of fun and if you’re the pregnant one make sure you nominate someone else to host it!