Full Moon Bathing - going with the flow and giving yourself a little pamper!


Author - Julie Harris @ The Little Yogini's


 Did you know bathing in water under a full moon can be calming and restorative? Intrigued to learn more? I am which is why I've teamed up with the lovely Julie at The Little Yoginis. Here she talks us through simply going with the flow at the full moon and giving yourself a little pamper too!

The full moon is a time of letting go and releasing anything that no longer serves us. That could mean letting go of thoughts, feelings, emotions, relationships, a clear out of life in a big or small way.

Women are much more in sync with the moon cycles than we realise. We often ovulate at the time of the full moon and menstruate around the new moon so taking time out to reset at the full moon is particularly restorative and nurturing.

The gravitational effect of the moon is strongest at full and new moon times of each month. We often feel more emotional at the time of the full moon as it intensifies our feelings and emotions so going with the flow at this time allows any challenges that may arise to pass through us with more ease.

Bathing in water under a full moon is particularly calming and restorative as a way of allowing the release of energy to happen. It gives us time to cleanse and detox not only our physical bodies but our energetic bodies too.

Create your own salts bath with gorgeous smells of essential oils, add beautiful music and ambient lighting and turn it into a pampering spa like experience just for you.

Set your own intention by asking yourself what needs to be released or let go of, then sink into the warm water, resting a towel behind your neck then allow the healing to begin. Close your eyes and start to focus on your breath flowing in and out of your nostrils. As you start to feel calm and in the flow, allow anything to bubble up into your consciousness and release without attaching to any thoughts or images that may appear. Just allow whatever comes to surface in waves of energy. Go with the flow of whatever feels right for you. The tears may flow too but on the other side of any release is always calm and relief… so give yourself a break and just allow it to be.

Then take some to reflect on what has left and also what you are grateful for knowing that all endings are also new beginnings. So allow the energy to awaken and uplift you too.

Creating a full moon ritual is a lovely way of nurturing and acknowledging letting go of the old to allow the space for the new. Doing this every month is healthy and calming and an act of pure kindness and love for yourself… after all you do deserve it!

A big thank you to Julie for sharing her knowledge on the benefits of bathing during a full moon. Find out more about The Little Yogini's  here

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