A new 'Dotty' journey begins!

A Little Bit Dotty was launched with the ethos that all of the products in the Dotty collections had been carefully chosen as they would in some way, help mums navigate the wonderful crazy journey of motherhood and make the journey a little easier. Whether it was a fun slogan bag to bring a smile to your face when you’re having a bad day, a teether to soothe your baby’s sore gums or an activity to keep your little one entertained.

As my boys are no longer babies and growing up (too fast) my personal interests are changing and as much as I have loved all of the wonderful independent brands and the products in our baby and little ones collections the business has started to evolve and take a new form and sadly, these products no longer fit.

During the pandemic there was a definite shift in the popularity of certain products with more customers purchasing wax melts and burners, eye-masks and bath salts. Perhaps to relieve the stresses of home-schooling or just life in general!

As I have started to embark on my own self-care journey it just makes sense for me to move forward with self-care, relaxing, pampering, feel good gifts that I love and that I know you will love too.

I’ve been testing lots of new products and have thoroughly enjoyed treating myself over the last couple of months! Here are just a handful of my recent discoveries, all of which you can now find to buy on the website.

  • A Little Box of Positivity – a box of 40 beautifully illustrated cards. Inspirational and uplifting quotes to bring a smile to your face and just the right blend of humour and sarcasm to make you laugh out loud. Perfect for daily reminders to yourself or for sending to friends and family.
  • Instant Pedicure Sachet (and manicure) – these have been so relaxing and my feet have felt amazing afterwards. A home spa treatment in a convenient travel size sachet. Our feet are a part of our bodies that often get overlooked, as let’s face it, they aren’t necessarily the prettiest of things and toes look far better with nail varnish BUT they are so important as they get us to where we want to be many times a day so they do deserve some TLC, especially as they are about to come out of hibernation!
  • The Positive Journal – to be honest I have never been one for journals, something that I do regret not doing for the boys and documenting all their milestones. However, this one is for me. A place where I can compile my thoughts and feelings all in one place and complete at my own pace.
  • The Positive Well-being Zine for Mums – a beautifully illustrated magazine with so many articles I can relate to as a mum. It’s a lovely read that you can just dip in and out of when you get a few moments.

The design of the website has the same look and feel and is very user friendly PLUS you will find inspirational, self-care and feel good quotes throughout the website with a new set of blog articles on the way.

I’m excited about this new direction and hope you enjoy following me on this new journey.

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( Image credit - Bearsy and the Boy )