15 minute self-care tips for busy mums


How often do you take time out for you?

The answer for many busy mums is probably occasionally or more often than not, Never!

We are always so busy looking after our little ankle biters, refuelling them with snacks every nano second, dropping them off at clubs, school or nursery, playing games or doing puzzles, cooking dinner etc and then when they have finally gone to sleep we’re too tired to do anything. Sound familiar?

How hard can it be to just free up 15 minutes every now and then to do something for us? Well that’s what I keep thinking to myself so here are my top tips for taking a little time out for YOU.

Tip 1 Exercise can boost your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Since I’ve had my boys my enjoyment and enthusiasm for fitness has been a bit like a roller coaster ride but I’ve now started to go for a run a few times a week. I’m not training for a marathon or even going that far but 15-20 mins and it feels really good. I definitely feel more invigorated plus it gives me some much needed thinking time away from all the noise!

If you want to know about the benefits of exercise there is a great article on You can read the full article here but in summary: 

  • It can increase your energy levels – energy is something mums need in abundance, right?
  • It can help your memory and brain function – not sure about you but I definitely lost a few brain cells through childbirth and my memory is not what it used to be!
  • It can help with relaxation and sleep quality – yes please!

Tip 2 Enjoy a relaxing Bath – with or without bubbles or bath salts!

I might always be surrounded by the boys bath toys but I still love the occasional bubble bath with either a good book or crossword and maybe a glass of wine!!

Did you know there are lots of health benefits to having a hot bath? I came across an article recently where they outlined the health benefits. A couple of them caught my eye in particular:-

  • It helps improve sleep – something we all need but often don’t get much of when we have young children.
  • It relieves cold and flu symptoms – mums don’t have time to be ill so this is a bonus.
  • It improves mood / decreases anxiety - scientific studies have found that taking regular baths at the end of the day improves mood and optimism levels. It helps release some of that daily anxiety and makes us feel better physically which makes us feel better mentally.

So, what are you waiting for? Run yourself a bath, sit back, relax and enjoy the health benefits.

To read the full article head here

Tip 3 Self-heating Eye masks. I absolutely LOVE our self-heating eyemasks, they really are 15 minutes of pure heaven!  They will help alleviate strain on the eyes caused by excessive screen staring, stress or headaches, provide calm and aid sleep. I also find if I am particularly tired in the morning then a heated eye mask really lifts my tired eyes and makes me feel more awake and relaxed.

Drifting into the land of nod with one of these really is the perfect way to end the day but why wait til then. If your baby is napping leave the dishes and the hoovering and grab your 15 minutes of heaven and maybe set the alarm!

Tip 4 Just Sit Down. The dirty dishes and washing really can wait for 15 minutes. Grab a hot cuppa, daydream for a bit, watch TV, browse the internet, scroll social media looking at clips of random people (I know it’s not just me?! ) or basically whatever takes your fancy.

Tip 5 Make a Call to a loved one or friend. A good old natter and a laugh with your besties can really do wonders for the soul.

Tip 6 Start Reading a book. I’m only talking a couple of chapters a day although if it’s a really good book you might be craving for longer. I use to read a few books a week on my commute to London pre-children and now I hardly ever read, something I am working on rectifying.

Tip 7 Listen to Music. Remember all those tunes you used to love listening and dancing to pre-children? Download it on ITunes or Spotify, get your dancing pants on, warm up the vocals and get lost in the moment. A good tune that makes you smile really can take away stress and anxiety.

Tip 8 A Self Meditation tape. Allow your mind to shut off from the stresses around you as you focus on the dreams and ambitions you wish to (and can!) achieve.

Tip 9 Have a Catnap. A short nap can improve your mood as well as increase your alertness which is quite useful when your little anklebiters are trying to climb on furniture that could tumble or put things in various orifaces that really shouldn’t be there!

Tip 10 Get Dressed for you. Looking good can make you feel good and feeling good can make you feel positive and less overwhelmed.

Tip 11 Light a Burner. Fill with essential oils or wax melts for the ultimate relaxation. Just sit back and relax and let the fragrances work their magic.

Tip 12 Go to bed Early. This is something I'm not very good at but I know that I need to every now and then, so I've scheduled Monday as my go to bed early night. 

So here are my top tips which I hope you found useful. They are all quite simple really aren’t they and depending on your choice of exercise they can all be done in the home which means no stress of trying to find childcare.

Both of my boys are in school now but only just with the youngest having started Reception this term so admittedly I do have a bit more time on my hands now (hooray!!) However, even if you have a baby or a toddler you can definitely accomplish most of these tips.

Always remember – it’s ok to ask for help if you need a bit of time out. You deserve it.

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