10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Potty Training

 Author - Donna Jackson Aka The Curious Mummy


Most parents are keen to get their little one out of nappies, but potty training is a daunting task for both the potty trainer and potty trainee. It’s a milestone with no set rules so go into it with an open mind and a lot of patience.

Six weeks after my daughter Olivia was born, my son Finley aged two and four months announced he didn’t want to wear his nappies anymore and he wanted to use the toilet. Previously, I had read every Potty Training book out there but nothing could prepare me for what to really expect.

Here are ten things I wish I’d known about potty training that the books don’t tell you.

1. Bribery No matter how much you dress it up, the only way is bribery. Reward charts, chocolate, the entire floor of Hamley, use whatever tactics you need and feel no guilt.

2. Regression
Potty training regression is real. The key to potty regression is to carry on encouraging them to use the potty or the toilet as you did before. It will soon pass, which leads me nicely to my next point.

3. Do not leave your tot alone
In the early days, accidents are bound to happen, so be available to assist your child when they need to use the toilet.

4. The pooping area
Never forget your child’s favourite pooping area. In the early stages of potty training or regression, you may find that your little one may retreat to their favourite space to use the toilet. So just be mindful and maybe keep your potty nearby.

5. The Poo Face
Never forget your child’s poo face. It may be the only thing that gets you through this milestone.

6. Time
Asking your tot every two minutes if they need the toilet will just irritate them. Why not, take them to the toilet with you or trust them to tell you. You may find that your little one has a facial expression they pull when they need to use the toilet or may start hopping from leg to leg. These are the signs to look out for when they need to use the loo.

7. Never Leave Home Without a Portable Potty
Leaving the house while you're potty training can be daunting, but having a foldable travel potty or seat with you wherever you go can do loads to relieve your worries about possible out-and-about toilet accidents.

8. Change of clothes
Never leave home without 263,674 changes of clothes

9. Nappy Bags
Never leave home without something to put those wet clothes in. Nappy bag anyone?!

10. Poo Talk Well actually, talking about your potty training days is all you will talk about until the whole saga is over.

The End, thankfully!